Retirement Relocation Services

Retirement guidance services

Over 98% of people who move into a retirement village are satisfied with the move, many stating, ” they should have done it years ago”. –  McCrindle research 2013

There comes a time when loved ones may struggle to remain in the family home. Their housing needs and requirements can change due to health, physical ability or just trying to cope with the maintenance of the family home… it all becomes too onerous and their quality of life is being compromised!

Other factors may also become important such as the need to be closer to amenities, shops, medical facilities and support services or public transport. Some may feel isolated and lonely due to loss of a loved one which in turn can affect general health. With this, downsizing to a smaller property with appropriate support and services is the best option whether it be in an “over 55’s development”, retirement village environment, serviced apartment or some other option.

RetireLOCATE helps you find the best housing solution and then works with you to ensure a successful, smooth & stress free downsize and relocation so your loved ones can positively embrace the next phase of their life.

Although the descriptions below talk of “Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3”, we understand your requirements may not follow this pattern – we frequently tailor solutions to the particular circumstances of our clients.

Stage 1 – Understanding the options

This service provides materials and information to allow you to consider your, or your family members’, options from a well-informed position. We explain how the Retirement Housing “market” works, dispel myths and clarify common misunderstandings, and equip you with the tools to consider the next steps and their timing.

Stage 2 – Retirement Housing Plan, Orientation, Financial Planning

Unlike our earlier housing, this move is less about the piece of real estate itself  and more about “quality of life”.

This service includes a detailed and personalised Retirement Housing Plan, reflecting your preferences, and considering scenarios for your current and future circumstances. An accompanied visit to look at examples of the housing options included in the Plan provides important “reconnaissance” for future consideration and planning.

To ensure good financial planning, and allay any concerns as what is affordable, we strongly recommend professional advice from a qualified Financial Planner. We can provide a referral as required.

Stage 3 – Implementation

Implementation can take many forms, for example:

  • Finding an Independent Living retirement village unit. We research, shortlist, accompany, advise, follow-up, assist with negotiation, and anything else that is needed.
  • Annual or periodic update to the personal Retirement Housing Plan
  • Realising an urgent solution to Aged Care needs
  • Managing the move
  • Assisting with purchase of a “downsizing” property
  • Any other assistance with finding and implementing the best outcomes

Fees: According to the service selected

Whatever the assistance needed, we work with you, and/or family members, to achieve solutions that enhance quality of life.