Retirement Housing – an aid for Family Discussions

Over the holiday season many families will be discussing retirement housing options for frail family members. One thing that hampers such discussions is the difficulty of knowing what the options are.

We hope the following brief sketch is helpful. Options include:

Staying in the current home

A range of services are available to help with this, such as modifications to the home, meals, cleaning & gardening, personal care services (e.g. showering, dressing), etc.

Sources of information include:

Moving to an “over 55’s” compliant home

A considerable amount of housing (mainly apartments & town houses) has been built in recent years complying with State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004. Broadly this sets building design requirements covering such matters as easy proximity to transport, shops, bathroom, kitchen and other living areas (for example non-slip surfaces; taps and handles), circulation space, lift access above ground floor, etc.

Again additional services can be delivered to the home.

Independent living retirement village housing

Retirees able to live independently, who would like the community and support services of a purpose-built retirement village, as well as easy living design of the dwelling units, public areas and pathways are built to exacting standards required by State Planning legislation.

The biggest surprise to new residents is often the social aspects. There are countless examples of “I should have done this years ago” responses. Many families report that their “frail” parent has taken a new lease on life  and the health benefits from an active social life all well documented.

Serviced apartments / hostel / assisted living / residential care / nursing homes

NB Distinction between “Low care” and “High care” discontinued from 1 July 2014.

Those retirees who, because of frailty, require assistance with some daily living tasks eg cooking meals, cleaning & laundry, etc. Also Retirees requiring nursing care and help with many daily living tasks


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