Staying in the family home as long as possible is best. Right ?

Well, although that might seem the best thing to, it may not be in the best interests of the elderly family member.

Although many services are now available as “Home care” – such as laundry, preparing meals, shopping and home maintenance, personal care, etc  this does not address one of the most important issues – the loneliness that comes with increasing isolation.

As people find it harder to get out and about, they lose contact with friends and the social interactions that form an important part of daily living.

Increasingly the elderly may come to rely on family for their social interaction, and it simply may not be possible for family to see them as much as they would like – they lead their own busy lives with work and/or children, or perhaps they live too far away. For those without family the situation can be even more acute.

A family member was in that situation – she stayed in her home after her husband died, and became increasingly lonely. Eventually she made the move to a retirement village and it transformed her life – she became so much happier, and the health benefits of an active social life were obvious to all.