Our people

Personal experience is profoundly important.Nick Woodhams

Nick Woodhams – Director

Nick Woodhams began offering retirement location services following his experience in finding suitable housing for family members over a number of years commencing in 2002.

Now as a ‘60-something’ himself, Nick has a sympathetic understanding of the difficult decisions facing retirees – with the benefit of seeing how often new residents of retirement housing say “we should have done this years ago”.

Elizabeth Woodhams

Elizabeth has over 30 years of experience in the Sydney real estate market, both as an investor and adviser.

Since the formation of Woodhams Relocation Centre in 1991, a specialist consultancy focussed on helping organisations with the relocation of employees and their families, Elizabeth has assisted more than 8,000 property seekers.

Elizabeth’s reputation for integrity, professionalism and for caring about her customers results in frequent word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers, as well as conveying these values through our skilled team of like-minded staff.

Lucy Bulla

Lucy is a licensed Buyers Agent equipped with over 14 years’ experience in the property market, matching clients with properties that best accommodate their personal, financial and lifestyle needs and desires.

Lucy brings her skills in particular to retirees looking to downsize and ensures that she is always able to achieve the best outcome for her clients. Through Lucy’s years of experience, she has developed the ability to find the appropriate property for a range of clients, including owner occupiers, property investors, families and retirees.

Lucy will assist you with the complete process of buying a property, from negotiating the property purchase to coordinating the move and engaging organisational experts to pack and unpack for you.